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SilentWitSunsetThe Silent Witnesses Memorial is located eastbound on the Trans Canada Highway approximately 4 kilometers from Gander. It is a park dedicated to those individuals who lost their lives in the 1985 Arrow Air Crash at that site. It was erected in response to the desires of many of the directly affected families throughout the United States. The memorial is funded by the Newfoundland Masonic Fraternity and their Ladies Auxiliary. It embodies a true sense of community oneness and will permanently demonstrate the concern of the citizens of Gander for this sad and tragic loss.

siletwitnesscrossAlso located near the Silent Witnesses Memorial is the Cross of Sacrifice. Crafted from the remains of the emergency door of the ill fated DC8, the cross bears the inscription "Rendezvous With Destiny" - the motto of the 101st Airborne Division. Surrounding the cross are planted 256 native trees - a living tribute to each of the crash victims.

The grounds have become known as "Peacekeepers Park" and are maintained by generous donations of visitors to the site. Take time out to visit this tranquil area and experience the peaceful atmosphere.

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