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firetruckGander Fire Rescue is a composite (career & volunteer) Department under the direction of a Fire Chief, providing fire and rescue services to the Town of Gander, CFB Gander, and surrounding area. Gander International Airport and surrounding communities are also serviced on the basis of mutual aid agreements. Four Chief Officers and four ten-person crews, each with a Captain and Lieutenant, make up the response aspect of the Department.

Career Firefighters and the Fire Inspector join Volunteers who constitute 90% of the firefighting force. Volunteers must be a full-time resident of Gander, a minimum of 18 years of age, have a valid driver's license and vehicle, pass a pre-admission medical, and are also required to have a criminal records check completed prior to admission.

Volunteers can expect to be actively participating in a comprehensive training program which will challenge them both mentally and physically. He or she can gain excellent skills in various aspects of emergency response, experience teamwork at its best, enjoy the social benefits of the organization, and gain great personal satisfaction in helping to protect and save both lives and property in their community. 

Training Required

Volunteers with Gander Fire Rescue are required to attend a minimum number of training periods, which are reviewed quarterly. Regular training is scheduled on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Each member is expected to attend 12 training periods each quarter, or 50% of the scheduled time. As a Firefighter gains experience and seniority, this time requirement is lowered.

In addition to the time scheduled throughout the week, various training opportunities are presented on weekends, such as emergency medical care, vehicle extrication courses, or pump operator courses.

The Department conducts its training based on the International Fire Service Training Association curriculum, which has been accepted by the Province under the equivalency program for certification of Firefighters.

Firefighters are all First Aid and CPR trained, and most have an opportunity to receive oxygen therapy, specialized driver training, driver's license upgrades, transportation of dangerous goods, and other specialized training programs through the Department. The time commitment over and above the minimums are at the discretion of the Firefighter; however, the benefits of this training can extend into both the personal and employment needs of the Volunteer. 


The Fire Station, located at 85 Raynham Avenue, houses the majority of the Department's fleet in a four bay garage. This Station also houses the Administrative Offices of the Fire Chief & Fire Inspector, communications room, training/social room, kitchen, breathing air compressor/SCBA repair room, and equipment repair/storage areas. Facilities are provided for the career staff and Volunteers. An assortment of exercise equipment was also provided as a cost shared project between the Town and the Firefighters.

firtruckinstrThe Communications Room contains the fire phones, alarm monitoring panel, military alarm monitoring panel, emergency elevator telephones, as well as multi-channel radio system connecting the Department to Municipal Works, Police, Ambulance, other fire agencies, as well as the Firefighter call-out pager/telephone system. Direct lines connect the Department to the Hospital Emergency Department. Events are recorded on a computerized recording system and, in the event of a power failure, the building is pre-wired and connected to a gas-powered generator system. The Department also monitors critical pump and lift stations for the municipality, as well as being the after hours Call Centre for the Town of Gander.

Click here to see and learn more about our fleet 

Fire Prevention

Inspection Information

Gander Fire Rescue conducts fire prevention, code enforcement, public safety and other inspections, under the direction of the Fire Inspector. Home fire safety inspections, solid fuel burning appliance inspections, or other personal needs inspections can be arranged by calling the Office of the Fire Inspector at 256-8866.

Fire Safety Signs

Gander Fire Rescue utilizes an interchangeable fire prevention sign to supplement their fire safety education messages. Using topical and timely signage, these messages are changed periodically throughout the year.

Station Tour

Groups, classes and organizations often visit the Fire Station for fire safety education and station tours. If you and your group want to book a station tour, feel free to call our office at 256-8866. 

Application Process

Applicants are required to authorize a criminal records check through the RCMP.

They will also be required to pass a Fire Department medical once the Application is accepted.

A one-year probationary period will be in effect from the date of start of service.

Members of the Department are expected to attend a minimum of 12 training nights out of each 24 training nights, each quarter. Members should achieve NFPA Level I Firefighter within 18 months following their probationary period, and Level II Firefighter within 30 months after their probationary period.

Gander Fire Rescue, The Town of Gander and each and every community citizen thanks you for your interest. For more information, contact Gander Fire Rescue at 709-256-8887 or drop by the fire hall on Raynham Avenue. 

Contact Information:

Gander Fire Rescue
P.O. Box 84
Gander, NL, A1V 1W5
Tel: 709-256-8887
Fax: 709-256-4172

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